As voice assistants get smarter, everyday tasks become easier to accomplish. Now Todoist is introducing a completely revamped version of its Todoist for Google Assistant integration which promises to make keeping up with to-do lists faster with help from advanced voice commands.

Telling the nearest Google Assistant-enabled device to "let me talk to Todoist" is all it takes to jump into the updated experience. Once it's set up and given permission to connect through the Assistant, Todoist will be able to give a complete rundown of priorities for the day, as well as accept new tasks and mark off completed tasks with a quick voice interaction.


The revamped integration also supports the standard Todoist Quick Add syntax to add new tasks. This lets you create new additions and set the date, project, priority, and label all in a single spoken command like "Hey Google, ask Todoist to add a task to submit my report tomorrow p1 #work @urgent." The Assistant action will also ask if you want to make changes after adding a task, so its location, priority, and label can be added then, as well.

While there's still no support for adding Todoist as the default note-taking option like you get with Google Keep or, this is still a nice step forward that should make keeping up with to-do lists easier and more efficient than ever.