Is it a barnyard in here or just me? Google is bringing 50 new animals as 3D models users can mess around with in augmented reality when using Search on mobile — some of them previously found in an APK teardown.

Many of the animals the company features in its teaser video on Twitter were found in that teardown back in September. 27 were on that list, so we had more or less than 23 to look out for here.

So, with that in mind, we have confirmed the following 48 animals have made it in this round:

Google does not publish a full list of models, so it's up to sites like ours to manually dabble through the search engine to pick these up.

It's a great time to let the kids get acquainted with these new pals as holiday vacation commences. You can search for any of these animals and look for the "View in 3D" module, then hop between other related animals in the AR viewfinder.