From running basic routines to reserving tables on your behalf, Google Assistant has grown into a pretty capable voice assistant in its relatively short lifespan. But with so many features and settings to fiddle with, it gets kind of prohibitive to scroll through its lengthy Settings page to find the right option — it would be worse if you’re looking for a sub-menu. A search function is an easy solution to all these woes, and Google is bringing exactly that to Assistant’s settings page.

The new search bar works as you expect. You type in a keyword, and it’ll dig through all the available options to show matching results. However, in our testing, searching sub-menus is a hit or miss right now. Some sub-menus are included in search results, but others not. Hopefully, Google will consider making deep searches more useful down the line.

Google switched the settings page’s design from a tabbed interface (which was much easier to navigate) to a long list of settings and options not too long ago. But it decided to skip the search bar, which it had been testing for a while. Thankfully, the search bar is going live for good this time and is already showing up for many. If you don’t have it yet, consider updating the Google app to the latest version or be patient until the backend rollout finishes.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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  • Anthony Maki