Major One UI updates often break Good Lock modules, and it can take a while for Samsung's dev team to get things working again. Those adjustments seem to be arriving a little faster than in recent years, though, as QuickStar is already getting its One UI 3 update, bringing with it a plethora of new features. .

Heading into the module, things look rather different than before. Theme options have been removed, with the changelog stating this is to make way for Theme Park. That makes sense; Theme Park is far more extensive, and there's no point duplicating features. The worst omission, in my opinion, is the removal of the pop-up view shortcut. With that shortcut switched on, half-swiping a notification would place a pop-up-view button next to the notification settings. I used this almost constantly and was expecting it to return in this update.

The indicator icons menu remains unchanged, allowing us to remove unwanted indicators. I always switch off Bluetooth here, as I don't need to be visibly reminded that I'm connected to my watch 24/7. Clock settings don't get much attention, although you can now add an AM/PM indicator to your clock.

Left: Notification sorting, Right: Quck settings grid adjustments 

Next up we've got Notification Sort Order. When this is switched off, your notifications will be sorted by priority, which is controlled by Android itself. Turning this feature on will change the sorting to most recent, which is pretty self-explanatory. New notifications will appear at the top, with the older ones at the bottom.

The Show Quick Button grid menu section lets you add a grid-size menu to your quick settings. Once it's enabled, you can pull those down, tap the overflow menu, and hit button grid. By default, the slider will be in the middle with a 5x3 grid size. Adjusting to the "wide" option will decrease that to 4x3, and "narrow" uses a 6x3 grid. I wish this allowed us to add extra rows as well, but this will do for now.

Finally, we have Swipe directly to Quick Setting. This new menu effectively brings back the old KitKat notification pull-down method. Swiping down from the left will open notifications while swiping from the right will open quick settings. You can even customize where the divider is, allowing you to set it up exactly how you want it. I've adjusted the slider to the right so that only 23% is assigned to quick settings: Swiping down from the indicator icons pulls the quick settings down, and the rest is left for notifications.

Another tidbit from the changelog tells us we can expect the full Good Lock 2021 release sometime in early February. That's roughly when Good Lock 2020 came out this year, so no surprises there. Now, that doesn't mean we'll be waiting that long for all of the other features to return; QuickStar arrived today, after all. Whatever happens, we don't have long to wait, and for the moment it's nice to have QuickStar back.

This update should be available now from the Galaxy Store, but you'll need to check for it manually — the Good Lock app showed no signs of an update for this module until I navigated to the appropriate store page myself. If that sounds like too much work, you can always grab it from APK Mirror instead.