Mobile gaming is more popular than ever before, and Samsung's flagship phones are perfectly suited to the task. Big high-refresh-rate displays, large batteries, and top-of-the-range processors means that these device can handle any game you throw at them. For an extra boost to gaming performance, Samsung is releasing its GameDriver software on the Play Store, letting it update GPU drivers without the need for full system updates.

The new drivers are currently only supported in a limited number of games: Call of Duty: Mobile, Black Desert, and Fortnite. The roster of titles should soon expand, with developers like Square Enix, Crytek, and Deep Silver on board. You can see the full list of partners in Samsung's announcement.

The ability to update your GPU drivers without a system update is beneficial for several reasons — if an update causes problems, Samsung can release a fix through the Play Store quicker and without waiting for carrier approval. This is currently only available on the Galaxy S20 and Note20 range, though Samsung asserts that access will soon spread to more devices. Game Driver comes in two versions: Adreno for Snapdragon devices and Mali for Exynos devices. Strangely, my Exynos S20 Ultra was able to download both versions of the app at once, but I'm assuming that only the Mali variant would make any difference. Both versions are available from the Play Store, and we have you covered at APK Mirror. Download the Snapdragon version here and the Exynos version here.

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