Google Drive offers robust collaborative features that have especially helped businesses navigate work-from-home arrangements throughout 2020. With the ever-growing file count in the cloud, you need a rich search interface to find and jump straight to the right file in a jiffy. In line with that, Google Drive is adding suggestions to make the search function a bit more useful on its mobile apps.

With these latest changes, the Google Drive app for Android and iOS will sync and show your previous searches from its desktop counterpart as well. This should come in handy if you frequently open a file or search for a particular keyword on all your synced devices. In addition to that, the app will now offer more intelligent suggestions as you type in the search bar, which could include people, past searches, keywords, search filters, and your recent files.

These search features are expected to go live for all Google Workspace and G Suite users as a server-side switch over the next couple of weeks. The only requirements for this cross-platform search suggestion sync to work are that you must be on the latest app version, and your eligible Google account must have the Web and App Activity privacy option enabled.

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