There are a lot of streaming services out there these days. Each of them have different pros and cons, but one of the most universal features is being able to create multiple user profiles for different individuals. Now it looks like CBS has finally added this seemingly basic ability for All Access members using its mobile apps.

The new functionality allows All Access users to create individual profiles for up to 6 different users within one account. That way every one in the household can get their own recommendations, watch history, and more — no need to stare at Young Sheldon's face every time you open the app, if that's not your jam.

If there are any youngsters in the family, Kids Mode profiles are also supported. These profiles can be managed by parents with content limits based on the age of the child. It's kind of strange that CBS is only getting around to supporting multiple user profiles now, but it makes sense when you remember that the streaming service is getting a relaunch next year under a new name: Paramount+.

The user profile feature is rolling out now in the CBS app. Download the latest version directly from APK Mirror or the Play Store, and you can finally stop seeing all those shows you never want to watch again. The CBS All Access app for Android TV is also picking up the feature in a new update of its own.