Google's ad network promotes pretty much every kind of product under the sun, but sometimes you might prefer not to see ads that fall under certain categories. Today, Google announced that it will be launching a new control option in the Ad Settings hub to let users limit ads related to unsavory vices — starting with alcohol and gambling.

The feature will show up at the bottom of the Ad Settings page once it rolls out, and will allow users to click a simple button to limit the amount of alcohol and/or gambling advertisements they are shown. The exact wording of the control makes it sound like some ads will still slip through, but hey, this is still in beta. The option is always reversible, too, so if you decide you actually would love to see those deliciously sinful ads, the choice is just a click away.

This is what the controls will look like once they go live.

Google ads already feature a "Mute this ad" button that lets people indicate which ads they prefer not to be served. But proactive choice is always nice to have, and it seems like this could come in especially handy for those who might struggle with alcohol or gambling addictions. Google worked with the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) and its members, using their knowledge about responsible alcohol marketing to help develop this initiative.

The new settings are rolling out gradually, starting with a beta that will affect YouTube ads in the US. Early next year, Google would like to see the setting apply for all Google ads, as well as YouTube ads around the world.