If you're looking for a new restaurant to check out, a new hairdresser, or the nearest pharmacy with good reviews, Yelp is a great service that has everything you need to make that happen. Despite its redesign just last year, the app still looked dated in some places. The status bar, for example, would remain black in some menus, rather than coloring itself to match the content. This week, a redesigned Yelp app is rolling out to Android, focusing on your preferences and dietary needs.

Yelp hopes to become even more useful by further personalizing your experience. The preferences you can make include dietary requirements, favorite types of food, and family or pet friendliness. The options are extensive, allowing you to perfectly tailor the app to suit your specific needs. New users will be asked to fill these in during the onboarding process, but existing users can make use of this too. If you already have an account, and you have the redesigned app, navigate to the "me" tab, and then add your preferences.

In the future, Yelp says that it will be able to alter its recommendations based on businesses that are close by and open at the time of the search, but there's no timeline for when that feature will arrive. According to yesterday's blog post, the update has already started its rollout, although I've yet to receive it myself. You can check for the update using the widget below, and it will be available on APK Mirror as soon as we have it.