Good Lock is one of the best parts of Samsung's software experience, allowing us to tweak and modify our phones until they suit our needs perfectly. Sadly, whenever Samsung releases a major update to One UI (such as, say, One UI 3), many of the existing modules break. Before you update, here are the Good Lock features that you stand to lose.

For the moment, upgrading to One UI 3 will break LockStar, QuickStar, Task Changer, MultiStar, NavStar, NotiStar, and EdgeLighting+.

Good Lock isn't doing a good job telling users what is and isn't working, either. Some modules can be installed but appear as "unplugged," like QuickStar. Others can be installed and show up in the list normally until you try to open them. In this case, you'll get a notification informing you that you'll need to update the module for it to work — but so far, the ones that display this don't have any updates available. Other modules, like Task Changer, can't be found on the Galaxy Store at all.

Left: Some modules show as unplugged, Right: Others show normally but display this toast notification when pressed

We had to wait until February of this past year for Samsung to get Good Lock working with One UI 2, so we might need to be patient here. Unlike last time, at least some features are working, and others are showing signs of return. Edge Lighting+ received an update in October that listed "pre-preparation for One UI 3" in the changelog. Hopefully, that means we won't be waiting too long.

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