Google is always tweaking its Discover feed ever so slightly to fit your taste even better, but sometimes, the company is also willing to make big changes. It looks like it's currently testing a brand-new look for Discover that does away with the signature card interface, and it's adding a share button while it's at it.

The new design popped up on our own Rita's phone today, but we haven't been able to spot it on other devices yet — it's likely a limited test for now. Compared to the old interface, you'll instantly notice that you can now see much more of your wallpaper behind the article titles and excerpts, making for a personalized look (even if it could easily become messy on busier backgrounds).

Above: New Discover. Below: Old Discover.

It looks like Google might remove the search bar and the weather forecast from the leftmost home screen, which wouldn't be a big deal on Pixel phones — by default, you'll see the weather in the At a Glance widget on your homescreen, and a search bar is always accessible at the bottom of the launcher. A removal could turn out to be annoying on other phones with the integrated Discover feed, though.

The new interface also comes with a share button. While it's already been possible to share articles without opening them by tapping the three-button overflow menu button in the current version of Discover, the new release does away with that extra step. That's handy if you use something like Pocket to save articles for later consumption, but I worry that it'll just encourage people to share articles with outrageous headlines without reading them.

Left: Old Discover in the Google app. Middle: New Discover. Right: New ads.

The new look is also available in the Discover bottom tab of the Google app. You'll find the weather forecast in the top left corner above the Google logo and the search bar, and articles are separated by a thin line. In both interfaces, ads have the same look. You can only tell them apart from regular content by the missing share icon and a small "Ad" label that sits in the place of a publication's favicon.

The interface appears to be part of a limited A/B test, so we don't have an update you can download to make it magically appear on your phone. It's also possible that Google will scrap the UI completely and stick with the current iteration for the time being.

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