More than a year after it was teased, it appears Stadia is prepared to roll out one of its most important features — some would say vital to its survival. Players may be able to stream their sessions directly to their YouTube accounts without the need for third-party software like OBS Broadcaster starting as soon as today.

Google had confirmed the timeline to The Verge last night, but 9to5Google was able to obtain the new experience earlier on Monday.

It seems that the feature is only available through Stadia on the web at the moment — we tried fussing around on mobile and Chromecast devices to no success.

Those who haven't linked their YouTube accounts to Stadia already should do so by heading to, clicking on their avatar to access settings, then drop down to the YouTube section and follow the prompts.

Image: 9to5Google

Once that's done, users can pop into a game, tap on the Stadia button on their controllers, and select the Live streaming button to see if the direct-to-YouTube streaming option is lit up for them.

From that point, streamers will have controls to share the stream link, change its privacy, note whether the video is suitable for kids, enable the Crowd Choice enhancement, and change where the audio is sourced from between the following groups:

  • YouTube & Game Chat: The game audio, your voice, and anyone in your in-game voice chat
  • YouTube only: The game audio and your audio only
  • Party Chat only - The game audio is streaming with no voices, but party chat still works in private
  • No one: No viewers or players will hear your audio, but game audio is streamed

Even as Google has confirmed the feature's release, Stadia social channels have yet to make an official announcement as of press time. However, Google has updated the Stadia Help page for live streams with a full write-up on how to stream gameplay directly to YouTube, indicating that the link is active.