Samsung is preparing to launch its new lineup of Galaxy S21 devices early next year. We got a look at some of the first official renders today, and while they seem like solid upgrades so far, there's one key feature that may be left out in some markets: a charger.

Documents from Brazil's National Telecommunications Agency appear to confirm that Samsung won't be including a charger in the box of the Galaxy S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra in some regions — a first for the premium flagship lineup of one of the world's largest Android manufacturers.

There are potential environmental benefits that could come with the move, since people won't be discarding a charging brick that they don't need. But although most of us probably have a spare charger or two lying around the house, it still feels strange to pay so much money for a product that might not even have enough juice to turn on until you go out and buy an additional accessory. Apple ditched the wall plug on all 2020 models of the iPhone, so I wouldn't be surprised if more Android OEMs follow suit in the coming months.

We'll find out how Samsung justifies the change when the company officially unveils the S21 lineup early next year. And if you're curious about the phones themselves, check out an early look at their official teaser videos along with our roundup of everything to expect from the upcoming series.