One of the coolest things about technology is the myriad of ways in which it can be utilized to assist people with disabilities. Google's newest experimental app allows people who might not be able to speak out loud to express themselves verbally via a surprising method: their eyes. 👀

The Look to Speak app works by using machine learning models to track the movements of users' eyes. It presents two columns of common words and phrases, and glancing to the left or right narrows the selection down until the chosen option is selected, at which point the app speaks the word(s) out loud.

Look to Speak delivers its core functionality without presenting too many additional features. Users can personalize the list of options presented by the app, letting people more accurately express their own voice by customizing words and phrases. The eye gaze sensitivity settings can also be tweaked to account for individual needs and preferences.

Google isn't positioning the app as a way to completely replace more expensive assistive machines. Instead, it's intended to go where those devices can't; since Look to Speak runs solely on a smartphone, it's more convenient and less costly to take advantage of than many other alternatives.

The app is available for free to everyone with a device running Android 9.0 and above. Download it today from APK Mirror or the Play Store to try it out for yourself — and be sure to pass the word along if you know someone else who might find it handy to speak using just their eyes.

Look to Speak
Look to Speak
Developer: Google Creative Lab
Price: Free