Google Photos is an exceptionally popular service, and not just for Android users. Due to some of the restrictions present in Apple's mobile operating system, some users, myself included, use the Apple Photos app in tandem with Google's offering. Now Google Photos is picking up the ability to sync liked images with Apple Photos, making the experience that much smoother.

Left: Google Photos setting page with Apple Photos category, Right: Apple Photos category

To get started syncing your accounts up, after opening Google Photos, tap your profile photo in the top right, and head to settings. Once there, you'll find a new Apple Photos menu that allows you to enable the new sync favorites feature.

Once it's switched on, photos that are liked in Apple Photos will become starred in Google Photos, and the process is the same the other way around.

As you can see, the Apple app will sync almost instantly when you star an image in Google Photos. The process is a bit slower when reversed, though, with Google Photos taking a minute or two to catch up. Closing the app and opening it again, forcing a refresh, will hurry that process along.

Cheers to Google for going cross-platform and giving us a useful feature for those who use both photo services. I hope that this eventually extends to Android OEM gallery apps, such as the one found in One UI.