Google announced that end-to-end encryption was coming to its RCS messaging system last month. At the time, all we knew was that the rollout would begin soon via Google's Messages app beta. Based on our reader's reports, that rollout for end-to-end encryption has now started.

Security-minded folks can review Google's whitepaper regarding the Messages app's approach to encryption. Reports regarding the rollout are widespread, across Twitter and the Universal Profile subreddit. Although it may not be live for everyone just yet, some others claim to have had the feature in at least some conversations for the last week or so.

For those that have it, the feature is clearly indicated with a new lock icon that appears beneath the most recent message in a supported conversation. A larger tip-like prompt may also appear to point out the feature when it's enabled. Google's whitepaper claims that the lock icon will also appear on the Send button.

Based on reports (and as expected), the feature is limited to those in the Messages beta for now, and both parties in supported RCS-based conversations need to be enrolled. Although it hasn't been tested that we've seen, the feature isn't expected to work for group chats just yet.

If you're interested in joining the end-to-end encrypted party, you can opt-in to the Messages beta here and pull down the latest version in short order via the Play Store — or you can get it with the rest of the cool kids from our sister site APK Mirror.