Google Play Books doesn't come up much in the news these days, but the service is still kicking, even offering the occasional hot deal every now and then. As of today, Play Books is 10 years old, marking a decade of bringing reading (and listening) pleasure to millions.

Google Play Books started as 'Google eBooks,' before the Play branding came into existence, with over three million titles available out of the gate. It was given its current name in 2012, and in 2018, support for audiobooks arrived. The service has gone through some rough patches over its history, like people self-publishing copies of pre-existing books, which prompted Google to close publisher signups until 2018.

Interestingly, Google has never produced e-ink hardware that connects to Play Books, making it one of the few platforms incompatible with any dedicated eBook readers. Here's hoping a Pixel Reader happens at some point — any competition to Amazon is welcome.