Google gave smart display owners a little Thanksgiving surprise when it shared that you'd get a cute animation and noise by setting a "turkey timer," but that's not the only fun Easter egg the company has added. Depending on what label you give your timer, Google smart displays will show you a fitting animation and noise, and we've collected a few of our favorite ones.

You can invoke these on your own smart display when you set a labeled timer by telling the Assistant to "set a [label] timer for [duration]." Some names will just invoke the familiar label without any animations attached, but a few specific labels come with their own animations and appropriate noises. Check them out in action here:

A few of these timers share the same visuals. To invoke the kettle, you can ask the Assistant for a variety of timers, some of which don't even make sense: Tea, egg, grill, steak, casserole, beef, pork, and rice (some people apparently do boil eggs in their kettles — I didn't even know that was an option). The book timer can be activated with homework and work, and then there are some more specific ones like the pizza, pasta, and turkey timers. This is great if you need to set multiple timers — the cute drawing are easier to tell apart at a glance than the small labels.

All the timers we spotted, minus duplicates with identical animations.

We spotted the animation on the Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max, but they're also available on smart displays running Google software from other manufacturers, such as the dog timer you can see on the original Lenovo Smart Display below.

Dog timer on a Lenovo Smart Display.

You can also try these timers on Google smart speakers without displays — you'll still hear the custom sounds when you set them. There are probably even more variations we haven't spotted yet, so feel free to share what you found in the comments.

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