Google Photos storage will soon count against your quota, which might be a reason why Google is trying to make its camera more economical. Following a big update to Google Camera version 8, the developers introduced a new storage saver option, but that's not all they changed. Instead of saving two versions of a portrait photo, one with the signature artificially blurred background and another one without it, the camera now only saves the bokeh variant. But you can still get the photo with the original background if you really need it — here's how.

After you've taken a portrait picture, look for it in your Google Photos library and hit the edit button — the one in the middle on the bottom. Swipe over to the Adjust tool and select Blur. The slider will sit at 0, so you might think you can't reduce the blur any further, but if you dial the numbers up a bit and then down to 0 again, you'll see that the background blur disappears. Hit Done and then Save copy in the bottom right corner. You'll find the unblurred version in your Google Photos gallery next to the original photo.

Back in the day, it took just three taps.

Compared to older images, that's a step back — you can see two small thumbnails at the bottom of older saved portrait photos, and you can choose which one you want to be the default one. In light of the upcoming storage changes, the new solution might not be a bad idea, though.

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