OnePlus only recently released a new flagship, but new hardware isn't the only thing it worked on. Zen Mode debuted last year and gained new features worthy of a 2.0 label in October, including support for group rooms so you can disconnect together and five new themes that bring a revamped look and feel to the experience. And now a smaller release has added sounds complementing the five distinct looks.

Zen Mode adds five new theme sounds, which the company co-created with the digital wellbeing service TIDE. The white noise tones should help you relax, stay focused, or fall asleep. The themes have descriptive names like Jellyfishes, Light-Years, Country Mornings, Meditation, and Sunrise, corresponding to the new visual options introduced with Zen Mode 2.0: Ocean, Space, Grassland, Meditation, and Sunrise. You can mute the sounds by tapping the music note button in Zen Mode if they end up being distracting.

Back in October, Zen Mode 2.0 introduced a multi-user feature that allows for the creation of rooms. Users can invite other people to the room with an invitation code, and it won't be limited to OnePlus devices — the company says "any brand of phone" will work. After the Group Zen ends, the app will offer an option to take a photo to commemorate the meaningful moment.

The room creation process in Zen Mode 2.0.

The entire app also got a design overhaul. Five themes are included: Ocean, Space, Grassland, Sunrise, and Meditation. OnePlus says this refresh is about making the look of the app more in line with the whole zen concept. The themes are made to reflect how users feel in the moment, and can be easily swapped between by swiping to the left or right.

Ocean, Space, Grassland, Sunrise, and Meditation themes.

Finally, there are new duration options for Zen Mode 2.0 so users can zone out for one minute (why), ninety minutes (okay), and 120 minutes (dang). And in a bit of a backwards move, it looks like Zen Mode no longer supports placing widgets in the OnePlus Shelf.

The new Zen Mode experience is available on the Play Store for OnePlus 7, 7T, and 8 series phones, as well as the Nord. You can alternatively download the latest version at APK Mirror.

Zen Mode

The article has been updated to reflect the new features coming as part of Zen Mode

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