Google may have gone wild with bio-resin on the Pixel 5, but does that make it any less sturdy? JerryRigEverything's newest teardown videos put Google's latest flagship up against formidable foes like a cup of acetone and a powerful heat gun — and although the phone does die by the end of the first video, it makes a surprising comeback in the second.

One of the main takeaways from the first video is just how much plastic Google managed to pack onto the frame of the Pixel 5. When a 'V' is cut into the body of the phone, Zack notes that the "whole curve of the phone is plastic, all the way down to the screen." While Google acknowledges that the phone is made with a bio-resin concoction, it is a little surprising to see just how much more plastic there is than actual metal.

Despite the phone dying early due to the battery being impacted while searching for the wireless charging coil, the end results reveal a phone that's sturdy enough to weather some storms. Scraping the plastic off takes so long that Zach resorts to trying to dissolve it in a cup of acetone and then attempting to melt it off with a heat gun. After a bit of recovery time, however, the battery is able to start the device back up, and Zach continues torturing the phone with a further teardown.

I won't completely spoil the ending for you, but if you want to watch for yourself, check out the videos embedded above. And if not, just know that the Pixel 5 may be mostly plastic, but that coating goes a long way in providing protection against bends and scrapes — and it looks to have a screen that's super easy to replace just in case.

It's alive!

Updated with a second video showing the Pixel 5's miraculous return to the world of the living.