Amazon's Fire TV platform offers plenty of entertainment options, and now the list is expanding to include content a little closer to home. The Fire TV news app is rolling out live and on-demand local news to 12 major cities across the nation.

The rollout begins today in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Tampa, Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle. Popular local news stations like CBSN Chicago and KIRO7 Seattle are included, as well as channels from news distributors such as Cox, The E.W. Scripps Company, and Altice USA.

These local news channels will be offered in addition to the national stations like ABC News Live and CBS News that are already available on the Amazon news app. Like those channels, access to local coverage will be free (read: ad-supported) for users. If you're in a smaller city and feeling left out, don't fret: Amazon expects the service to keep expanding to additional cities over time, with nearly 90 new locations planned for next year.