Google regularly updates its Chrome browser with new features, security enhancements, and bug fixes. Last month, Chrome 87 hit the stable channel, and now it looks like Chrome 88 is rolling out to desktop and mobile users on the beta channel.

The update may not include as many major user-facing features as Chrome 87 did, but it still has plenty of new additions, including the introducing of the Digital Goods API that should let web apps in the Play Store accept purchases for digital goods. There are also enhancements to Augmented Reality that will allow websites to view your environmental lighting conditions and adjust the experience accordingly so AR models look more real.

Souls brave enough to run beta software can check out the new update for themselves by downloading it from APK Mirror or the Play Store now. And stay tuned for Corbin's in-depth examination of the complete changelog coming soon!

The full overview of everything in Chrome Beta 88 is available here.

Chrome Beta
Chrome Beta
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