Privacy-focused web browser Vivaldi debuted on Android only a few months ago with encrypted sync and native protection against trackers. In the following months, it got better at forcing dark mode on all websites, which worked well for the most part. The browser maker is now pushing a new update to its Android app that brings the option to clear your browsing data upon exiting the app, plus the ability to prevent WebRTC IP leaks, much like its desktop counterpart, in addition to a couple of other feature enhancements.

While your public IP is, well, public when you aren’t connected to a VPN, WebRTC may broadcast your IP address even when you’re connected to a secure VPN. Vivaldi lets you disable WebRTC with a built-in toggle to save yourself from such discreet privacy lapses. It notes that doing so won’t affect other parts of WebRTC, though you may face disruptions on websites and services that depend on the protocol. If that happens, you can always switch it back on. To turn off WebRTC, head to the Privacy section of the browser’s settings page and toggle off Broadcast IP for Best WebRTC Performance (as shown in the video below).

Vivaldi for Android has added another privacy feature that allows you to clear your browsing session as soon as you exit the app. This option, too, sits under the browser’s privacy settings. Besides these, the app has also received multiple auto sorting options for its built-in note-taking tool and bookmarks — with both getting their own sets of filters.

All these features bring the Android version of Vivaldi closer to its desktop version in terms of features and privacy. You can download Vivaldi v3.5 from the Play Store widget below or pull its installation files straight from APK Mirror.