Watching movies together is one of the best parts of the holidays, but this simple activity could prove much more difficult this season thanks to COVID-19. Thankfully, more streaming services are starting to adapt to the evolving needs of their subscribers. Hulu is the latest to do so with the official launch of Watch Party today, letting you watch your favorite holiday classics along with your friends and family.

Hulu introduced Watch Party earlier this year for certain subscribers, but the feature is officially launching today. It's now available for subscribers on all paid plans to take advantage of — even the uber-cheap ad-supported plan that went on sale for $2/month during Black Friday.

Despite rolling out to all subscribers, Watch Party is still limited to users eighteen and older on the web for now — you won't even see the option on mobile or TV apps. Clicking the Watch Party icon on desktop will produce a link that can be shared with up to seven other Hulu subscribers. During the show, viewers will be able to react via chat and control their own playback.

Disney+ added group watching capabilities back in September, and Prime Video has a similar function, too. It's great to see another streaming service implement a handy feature like this, but it does seem a little silly that Hulu is excluding its own subscribers who would prefer to join from their mobile devices or TV.