Scanning through tens of streaming services and hundreds of shows and movies to find that one perfect title is not only time-consuming but also exhausting (TIL, it even has a word: Showverload). Google, being that one nice guy around, wants to fix that for you with its all-new Google TV interface. The highly personalized service is getting a new tool to better understand your likes and dislikes, which will help Google tune its content recommendations to match your preferences.

Simply called Content Preferences, this new option sits under Google TV’s Settings menu. You can head there to train the recommendation engine by going through a series of titles and rating them with a thumbs up or down, much like what you do to tweak your Google Discover feed. Appraising that selection will help the aggregator have a clearer understanding of what you might want to watch next, which will then be used to refresh the For You tab.

In addition to Content Preferences, Google TV has several existing tools to refine your recommendations, with the most visible being the watchlist. You can mark the shows and movies that you’ve already watched to clear out the clutter and then rate them to register your taste.

While the addition of these personalization options is a welcome move, Google still seems to be missing the point that for many households this is shared, living room TV we're talking about. Tailoring the interface to a single account holder’s likings hampers the experience for other housemates. But it seems that Google will take a little while longer to fix this glaring omission.

The new settings option is set to go live for eligible users starting this week, and the rollout will take a few weeks to cover everyone.