Google has started making it easier to navigate to work and favorite locations with the addition of the Commute tab back in 2018. More recently, it considered replacing it with a Go tab, which encompasses the latter and a few other options to take you to places you're most likely to go, as well as list the closest transit lines, stations, and stops. The company seems satisfied with its test, as it's now rolling it out globally.

The new Go Tab makes it easier to navigate to frequently-visited places, as it lists destinations you're likely to go to, such as your school, grocery store, or gym. It also conveniently lists traffic trends and ETA, saving you the trouble of having to type the place’s address. Maps can also list departure and arrival times, as well as provide you with disruption alerts for your pinned public transit routes. You’ll also be able to pin driving routes for similar updates, and even compare them with other transportation methods.
The Go Tab will gradually roll out over the next few weeks, so be patient if you don't have it yet.

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