Google is primarily an advertising company, so perhaps it's not too surprising that somewhat-intrusive ads are starting to creep into some of the company's services. From Google Assistant to the Discover Feed, the core Android experience feels as commercialized as ever, and now the Google Home app is next to receive unwanted advertisements.

The Google Home app now displays a 'Watch live TV' shortcut under any devices capable of playing video, which opens a prompt to connect a Sling TV account to Google. "Create an account to unlock 30+ more channels for 3 days. No credit card required," the page reads.

The Google Home app is already not the company's best mobile app, especially as it tries to duplicate features from the soon-to-be-discontinued Nest Aware application, and throwing in advertisements certainly isn't helping. Google still has a ways to go until it can match Samsung's shameless advertising in core system applications, but the company is starting to get there.

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