Google has been steadily adding more games to Stadia over the past year. Today, the cloud gaming service announced more titles and content coming to the platform, including Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Submerged: Hidden Depths. Plus, Google is teaming up with Thunderful Games to create a new title that will only be playable on Stadia.

Details about the game this partnership will produce are currently sparse, but Thunderful is known for creating the SteamWorld games as well as indie darlings like Lonely Mountains: Downhill, so that could provide a hint of what to expect when the Stadia exclusive eventually launches.

In addition to this news, a handful of new content is coming to Stadia. Outcasters is now in the Stadia store and available for Pro members to claim. It's a fast-paced combat game that you can read more about in our hands-on post.

Submerged: Hidden Depths also joins the list of free Stadia Pro games. Described as a "relaxing" third-person exploration and adventure game, it allows you to control a brother and sister trying to unravel the mysterious of a sunken city. No combat is involved, so this should be great for those of us who prefer to be pacifists.

A Stadia-exclusive version of Journey to the Savage Planet is also coming soon, with an enhanced photo mode, 60 FPS, visual refinements and updates, and some new in-game content.

Finally, Valkyria Chronicles 4: Complete Edition will be launching on Stadia next week on December 8. Valkyria is an action/strategy role-playing game and standalone adventure in the Valkyria Chronicles series that features gameplay that "melds turn-based strategy with real-time 3rd person shooter tactics" — which definitely sounds pretty interesting if you're not a fan already.