OnePlus has two pre-release software channels — a closed beta for loyal fans willing to sacrifice stability for a chance to shape the future of Oxygen OS and an open beta for everyone who's just curious what's coming next with no strings attached. The company has just started looking for people with a OnePlus 8T willing to join the exclusive beta group. If you own the phone and are an active member of the OnePlus Community, you can apply to become one of the 200 testers.

OnePlus describes the closed beta as the group that has direct contact to its staff, made up of "an elite crew of OnePlus community members." Testers are sworn to secrecy (by signing a non-disclosure agreement), but they have the chance to get "builds and features weeks or even months before they are released to the public."

In order to be eligible, you'll have to meet the requirements below:

  • Use a OnePlus 8T device
  • Be an active OnePlus Community member
  • Be willing to constantly communicate and provide feedback to the OnePlus team on Slack

To become part of the closed beta group, apply in the OnePlus forum. Make sure you read through the requirements, and be aware that you'll have to manually flash new builds, which means you'll lose your data.