High-fidelity audiophiles who are looking to keep around their legacy gear well into the 21st century can still smarten up their local airwaves with Amazon's Echo Link Amp — available today, away from the direct influence of consumerism holidays, for 30% off.

Owners will be able to plug their analog/digital/optical (TOSLINK is still a thing!) sources into 60W of stereo sound against 8 Ohms for some song-exploding extrapolation that can be routed to speakers or headphones. Plus, as the amp itself is Alexa-enabled, listeners will also be able to stream high-bitrate material online as well.

The bad news at the moment is that Amazon has indicated that deliveries will take a few weeks to complete. But there's more to the good side as that means it'll still arrive in time for Christmas at this point and that it's been discounted by $90 for an all-time low price of $210!