Your home screen wallpaper is arguably the most personal part of your phone. Most people use it to show off beautifully designed illustrations or memorable moments from the camera roll, but what if wallpaper had a more functional purpose? That's the question a new app called Heynote tries to answer — although it doesn't always get it right.

The main feature of Heynote is that it lets you write any kind of text (reminders, to-do lists, helpful self-affirming messages of love) that will then show up on your home screen and/or lock screen. This ensures that the text is more visible than it would be hidden away in a notification or sandwiched inside a widget.

Text can be automatically ordered in a neat list or positioned wherever and however you choose.

The app itself is a bit unintuitive when it comes to the interface (tapping a note does nothing; you have to long-press to edit it) but it works well enough overall. You can even set it to automatically refresh the wallpaper when you add a note to make sure it's always up-to-date.

The two main tabs let you view your notes and edit your home screen wallpaper layout. Notes can be assigned to categories for easy sorting, and starring is also supported for extra-important text. The wallpaper can be assigned a simple background color for easy text legibility, but you can also add a custom photo of your own if you so desire.

While Heynote certainly won't be everyone's cup of tea, it could come in handy for people who prefer to keep to-do lists and reminders right on the screen they see most often on their devices. There are plenty of advanced features, too; tinkerers can change the typeface, size, color, and more of messages, as well as if they would like them to show up on the lock screen.

Heynote is free and only requires a few permissions that enable storing notes locally, automatically setting the wallpaper, and sending errors and crash reports back to the developer. You can download it now on the Play Store if you're ready to turn your home screen wallpaper into a task list... or if you just want to write some inspirational quotes on it — I won't judge.

Heynote - Wallpaper Notes
Heynote - Wallpaper Notes
Developer: Shafik Ismail
Price: Free+