Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking platforms around, but it's been a while since the company unveiled any big updates — since a dark mode was introduced back in 2018, to be precise. Over the last few months, though, Evernote has been rebuilding its app across platforms, and now it's the Android app's time to shine with a fresh new look and some handy features.

The app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Some of the highlights of the redesigned experience include an enhanced editor that allows for more customizability, a superpowered search function with filters and real-time suggestions, and an interface that is more consistent across platforms with fewer kinks and more polish.

The new editing UI and search box look pretty darn slick.

Along with the additional user-facing features, the update moves the app to a new codebase that promises to be more stable and reliable with fewer hangups and errors. This should allow the Evernote team to be able to move faster, fixing bugs and debuting new features more often. The company says that syncing data across platforms/devices will be more seamless as well thanks to the updated underlying code.

Not everything is all positive, however. Evernote has removed a number of things from the new app, including widgets, multi-select, and password manager support. These things weren't ready in time for release, but will hopefully be added back with another update down the road.

The new Evernote app is rolling out to devices running Android 10+ over the next few weeks, with compatibility for outdated software coming later once the company figures out how to best bring the upgrades to prior Android releases. It doesn't look like the update is widely available just yet, but once it hits the interwebz, you'll be able to download it right from APK Mirror or the Play Store.