Google Docs might be the collaboration tool of choice these days, but PDF is still a wildly popular format for sharing documents. Now Google is making the conversion process between PDF and DOC better than ever thanks to a slew of new improvements, including better formatting and image importing.

This seems like a pretty large overhaul of Google's PDF conversion process. The company says that a number of updates have been implemented, and lists a few noticeable improvements: Images and text that wraps around them should be more likely to wind up properly positioned in Docs now thanks to better layout conversions. Multi-columns, custom page sizes, tables with borders, and content ordering have also been tweaked. Finally, more text styles and formatting are supported like underlined text and text with strikethroughs.

This is an example of — hey, strawberry vanilla pancakes sound gooood.

While I can't remember the last time I tried to import a PDF file into Docs, this should come in handy for folks who do it more often than I. The rollout begins today and Google says it should only take a few days to complete. It's listed as being available to Workspace/G Suite and Education customers, but there's really no reason why the improvements shouldn't make it to everyday consumers as well in the future.