Dead Zebra is releasing vintage stock of a special edition bugdroid vinyl figurine celebrating Google's 20th anniversary. The figurines were originally distributed to Google employees back in 2018 — though the domain was registered in 1997 — but you can get your hands on some fresh stock while it lasts.

The 3" figure is painted white, blue, red, and green and comes with a pink party hat and a yellow balloon with a poseable wire. As with other Dead Zebra bugdroid minifigs, this one was designed by founder Andrew Bell and produced by DyzPlastic in China.

If you're looking for a bookshelf buddy or another droid to add to the collection, you can order one while you can for $15 at the link below.

Sold out

We warned you this was a "while it lasts" situation, and it turns out longevity wasn't in the cards.