Robot vacuums are great, but if you have to empty them yourself, what's the point? Thankfully, some fancier models, like this here Roomba i7+, can take care of that for you. When it docks, it automatically disposes of the dirt it's collected in a canister in its charging base. It normally goes for about $800, but today, you can get one for $200 off.

iRobot says that the i7+ can empty itself for "up to 60 days," which, judging by the size of the canister, seems a little optimistic. Still, time saved is time saved. It can do other high-end smart vac stuff, too, like room mapping and remote control via the iRobot app, Google Assistant, or Alexa.

The i7+ hasn't gone for its list price in a while; you're actually saving about $200.

Six hundred bucks is still a lot of money to plunk down on a vacuum cleaner, but this is one of iRobot's best, and properly maintained, it'll last you many years. If you've been looking for a premium self-emptying robo-vac, this could very well be the way to go. Hit the link below to check it out. And for more great bargains, head on over to our ever-expanding list of Cyber Monday deals.