Samsung makes some of the best true wireless earbuds on the market. Unfortunately, their price reflects that, and they can put quite a dent in your wallet. Luckily, though Black Friday might have come and gone, Cyber Monday is creeping up, and that means more sweet deals. You can grab a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for just $130 ($40 off) or Galaxy Buds+ for only $100 ($30 off) at Amazon.

We were fairly pleased with the Galaxy Buds Live in our review, citing their comfortable fit, compact, convenient charging case, and the overall sound quality. We weren't very happy with the ANC quality of the Beans, but the positives outweighed what problems we had with the device.

We also praised the slightly older, though still great, Galaxy Buds+. The Buds+ have excellent battery life, pretty good sound, and some convenient touches also offered by the Buds Live, like wireless charging and in-ear detection. At $100, these buds are an absolute steal.

Both deals here are great, and it really comes down to your preference in shape or whether you want to shell out the additional $30. Either way, you're getting a great pair of true wireless earbuds at a pretty decent discount. Grab a pair of Galaxy Buds Live for $130 ($40 off) or Galaxy Buds+ for $100 ($30 off) at Amazon today.

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