In a world where you have countless accounts sprawled across the web, each with their own unique username and password, it's vital that you have a safe and reliable way to store all of your personal information from prying eyes. Luckily, picking up a trusted password manager is easier than ever! From now through December 1st, our friends at NordPass are offering a two-year subscription to NordPass Premium for just $35.93 ($83.83 off).

NordPass is designed to be a powerful password manager that is also simple to use. It features local data encryption so that all personal information is concealed before its safely uploaded to NordPass' servers. With automatic password fill, NordPass can easily surface login information when visiting a web page so that you don't have to fumble around for the correct credentials. The app also lets users share encrypted password vaults with trusted contacts, making it great for friends and families. As an added bonus, NordPass can even store more than just passwords: Save your credit card information, secure notes, shipping addresses, and more, all in one conveniently encrypted space.

You don't need any special coupons or codes to take advantage of this special offer. Just head on over to NordPass' website to claim your discount. Keep in mind that this Cyber Month sale expires on December 1st. That means you have three days to lock in your two-year subscription to NordPass Premium for $35.93 ($83.83 off) — a whopping 70% off the usual retail price.

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