Samsung makes some of the priciest Android phones you can buy, but it also has options at basically every price point there is in the smartphone market and its low-end game is pretty strong. Case in point: the Galaxy A21. It's a very large phone at a price that's anything but, and today, you can get one for even cheaper than usual: $199.99, a savings of $50.

In my review, I praised the A21's 6.5-inch screen size — very large for a budget device — and its battery life. Performance and camera quality aren't anything special for a cheap phone, but they're both acceptable for the price. This is an unlocked device, too, which means it won't be packed with bloatware like my Boost Mobile review unit was.

Fifty bucks is a big discount for such an inexpensive phone – you're saving 20 percent off MSRP. You've got your choice of retailer, too; this price is pretty widely available. Hit any of the links below to pick one up.