It's one thing to carry around a battery to keep your phone charged for an extra day or two, and you could certainly shop some options for that with Anker's Black Friday sale, but what if you want to keep ALL your gear charged up? Let's talk about the Jackery Power Station Explorer, a series of huge batteries designed to power your phones, laptops, TVs, and sure, you might even charge a car battery if push comes to shove (note: not intended for jumping a car). All three sizes are on sale today for your serious charging needs.

You may not have heard of these batteries before, but you can check out our review for an in-depth look at how well the batteries perform. Put simply, you can run a good camping setup on one of these for several hours, or even several days if you're not too demanding. Alternatively, they could also be useful options for powering photography gear or roughing it at home if the power goes out.

There are three different sizes available and all of them are on sale. The smallest is 20% off, giving you a $28 discount, but this one requires you to either be an Amazon Prime member or order direct from Jackery. The two larger sizes are both getting on-page coupons for an even $50, equating to 14% and 10% discounts, respectively.

  • Portable Power Station Explorer 160 – $111.99 ($28 off)
  • Portable Power Station Explorer 300 – $299.99 ($50 off)
  • Explorer Portable Power Station 500 – $449.99 ($50 off)

It's not quite clear if the sale at Amazon is limited to just today, but just to be safe, you may not want to wait around to find out. However, some other products on Jackery's site are definitely staged for different sale days, so plan accordingly.

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