With the launch of services like CBS All Access, Peacock, and Disney+, Hulu isn't quite the definitive place to watch every TV show you want anymore. However, it does still have a sizable catalog of stuff to watch from many different networks (plus a few decent exclusive movies/shows), and now you can enjoy all of it for $2/mo with Hulu's Black Friday offer.

Those of you with excellent memories (can't relate) might recall Hulu offered the same exact discount last year. New customers can sign up at a rate of $1.99/mo for one year, then after the first year, the price jumps to $5.99/mo. The main drawback is that only Hulu's ad-supported plan is on sale, which can be a bit heavy-handed with the commercial breaks, depending on what you're watching.

The promotion ends at 11:59PM PT on November 30th, so you have until then to sign up at the link below. If you'll excuse me, I'm going back to watching Scrubs and Community. And maybe Star Trek: Deep Space 9 for the fifth time.