Today is Thanksgiving Day, and while a global pandemic spoils the festive spirit all around the country, Google is trying its best to make its most loyal fans happy. People who are part of the not-so-secret Superfan program are currently receiving emails telling them that they're in for a gift: Three high-quality prints of the Pixel 5, 4a 5G, and 4a.

All three prints show deconstructed versions of the current Pixel lineup, with the Pixel 5 and 4a shown at a slight angle with all of their guts separated and neatly organized. The 4a 5G is left more intact and shown straight on, mostly separated into only three solid parts and a bit of hardware sprinkled around.


The "deconstructed isometric art prints" come in two sizes: The 4a 5G is 8x10 inches while the 4a and the 5 are 10x10 inches. Superfans can get the gift via a form available in the email, but it looks like there's no way for regular fans to get or purchase these prints (yet). At least you can behold the prints in the image gallery above, even if we only managed to get our hands on relatively low-res assets.

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