In case you hadn't heard, there is a big sale going on right now. Don't worry, we won't hold it against you if this is somehow the first time you're hearing about it... in late November. But you know the deal, if there's even a hint of something going on sale, Amazon will have a few pages of deals on memory cards, SSDs, and hard drives. These are all Deal of the Day offers, so the discounts technically go away at midnight (PDT), but it wouldn't be surprising if many of these reappear over the weekend.

Some items are going for almost half-off, so there's a good chance you'll find something worth picking up. There are two separate pages on Amazon with different selections of products featuring something from just about every major brand in the storage game, including SanDisk, LaCie, Seagate, Western Digital, PNY, Synology, and others.

If you're keen on SanDisk and Western Digital, check out this page for the lineup of offers. You'll find a drone-appropriate 512GB U3/A2 SanDisk microSD card returning to $79.99 (60% off), the historical low set by last Prime Day. If you're more focused on your next gaming build, especially with the size of some recent and upcoming releases, it might be time to consider a 4TB SSD from Western Digital for a not-insignificant $370.99 (25% off).

A similar page with different deals can be found here. This one focuses on some of the brands that aren't quite the darlings of every sale day, but still well-known in the storage clubhouse. Perhaps you're in the market to pick up a rugged 4TB LaCie portable hard drive for $109.99 (27% off) in preparation for your next long trip. And you can start looking into a starter NAS (Network Attached Storage) from Synology for $135.99 (20% off) and fill it with a pair of 14TB Seagate Barracuda Pros for $409.99 each (25% off).

Of course, you'll find storage products of all shapes and sizes on both pages, so don't limit your searches to just the products linked above. And keep in mind that some sales apply to different capacities on individual products. And since some of you will surely just skip to the bottom of this page to find the links without reading the fluffy stuff I just wrote, here are those links again.