There are 8K Android TVs out there and a decent selection of 8K content on YouTube. But up until recently, the streaming cap on the YouTube app for Android TV was 4K. Not anymore, though.

Version 2.12.08 now brings limited 8K support to Android TVs on version 10 and above. That feature we know for sure.

Changelog revisions took away the mention of HDR support on streams with the .av1 codec — at the moment, we can't confirm the feature's presence — and replaced it with Cast Connect support, which more efficiently integrates Casted content on TVs with local playback controls including the remote, and an improved screen resolution selection menu.

Here's the original changelog:

• 8K video playback support
• AV1 HDR playback support
• Improved network performance on some devices
• Fixed font issues on some devices
• Fixed issue that black screen is shown on initial launch
• Various other platform improvements

And here's the revised changelog:

• Display YouTube Music splash screen
• Cast Connect support
• Limited 8K support to Android 10 and up
• Improved resolution selection
• Fixed incorrect date and time issues
• Various other platform improvements

Grab the update from the Play Store or APK Mirror.

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