Google TV is meant to act as a starting point for your watching experience by letting you look up titles and see where you're able to watch them including through your current streaming memberships. One of the participating services was Netflix, but it appears that the behemoth has dropped from the Android app.

It used to be that a Google TV user could plug in their Netflix subscription credentials to take advantage of the one-tap viewing integration. Now, the service does not appear on the app's list of supported services which include:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • CBS All Access
  • DC Universe
  • Disney+
  • Epix Now
  • HBO Max
  • Hulu
  • Showtime
  • Showitme Anytime
  • Stars

Left: Google TV listing / Right: Netflix listing

If a syndicated movie or series is currently with Netflix, Netflix will not appear as a choice of where to view it. Ironically, Netflix Originals are still listed on Google TV, but, again, without any place to tap through to watch it. Users must enter the Netflix app on their own.

Google TV's listing of Netflix Original series "Sugar Rush"

Just prior to this issue, 9to5Google reported that the Google TV Chromecast app was behaving erratically in that it would not add Netflix Original programs to users' watchlists. However, that's about the extent of the problems the Chromecast app is facing.

For Google's part, the company said it works with content partners for these experiences and that "the level of integration will vary by partner." Netflix has yet to respond to requests for comment.