Following its English to turkey translations in Search, Google has introduced some more fun Thanksgiving Easter eggs. On smart speakers and displays, the company has added a small audible and visual surprise when you tell the Assistant to set a turkey timer, and there is a new turkey filter in Duo that you can use for some laughs with your family while socially distancing.

When you ask a Google smart display to set a "turkey timer for x minutes/hours," the Assistant will follow up its usual confirmation with a turkey gobble, and you'll see a visualization of what you have in your stove right on your display. On smart devices lacking a screen, you'll (naturally) only hear the gobble sound.

If you want to get serious about cooking this year, Google would like to remind you that you can use the Assistant to convert measurements and ask it for new recipes or cooking techniques. It can show you lists of things like vegan stuffing recipes or explain to you how to roll pie dough or how to brown sugar.

Google has also added a new Duo turkey filter that should hopefully make for some fun interactions with friends and family this week. When you activate it, you'll find yourself in a turkey costume, with your face peeking out of the animal's beak.

In that sense, stay safe and healthy, and make the best of the situation we're all in this year. Happy Thanksgiving!