The allure of Black Friday is saving money up front, but sometimes, there are other incentives. Case in point: Amazon is offering Prime Card members 10 percent back on select electronics and smart home purchases on Amazon through the end of the month. Tons of Amazon-made products are included in the promotion, but plenty of other brands are up for grabs, too.

You can get this perk whether you have an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa or an Amazon Prime Store Card. Products from Amazon are included, obviously, but you can also get the bonus on items from the likes of Phillips Hue and Nest.

This is 10 percent back total, though, not an additional 10 percent (Prime Card members already get five percent back on Amazon purchases). Still, that can be a pretty significant bonus depending on how much you're picking up this holiday season. The promo is running through November 30; hit the links below to check out the full lists of eligible items.