In addition to the awesome deals on the S6 MaxV and S6 Pure we shared yesterday, Roborock is slashing 20% off of its best selling premium robotic vacuum. Today, you can grab an S5 Max for $439 ($110 off). Read on for all the details.

The S5 Max is known for offering some of Roborock's best robotic vacuum technology at a manageable price point, making it one of the most compelling options in Roborock's fleet. This model features a LiDAR navigation system with adaptive algorithms to help the vacuum better understand the layout of your home and clean your floors. It also comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery with a 3-hour runtime for large jobs, and it has enough deep-cleaning suction to lift a AA battery off the ground.

From now through November 22, you can pick up a brand new Roborock S5 Max for $439 ($110 off), while Amazon Prime members can take advantage of this same offer until November 30.

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