Stadia wasn't off to a great start and still has trouble positioning itself as a viable alternative to the just-launched PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox Series, but Google is finally starting to gain some traction with promotions and hype. And it really looks like the company and third-party developers are committed to the platform. Stadia's director of games Jack Buser told MobileSyrup that his team "built a roadmap of about 400 games in development right now from 200 developers."

Buser wouldn't share any details on which games we can expect, but he told the Canadian publication that a lot of these titles could launch next year already. He continued that his team was "almost done with 2021" and that they were "thinking about 2022 right now." He was even planning out a roadmap for 2023 already. Buser continued, "A lot of people ask us: ‘is Google committed to this platform? Are you guys in it for the long haul?’ And I can tell you, unequivocally, ‘yes.’"

These statements should be reassuring for anyone fearing that Google is about to pull Stadia's plug. But we don't know anything about these 400 games from 200 developers. There are only a handful of AAA studios, so the majority of the developers Buser talks about might be smaller indie productions, which could make it hard for Stadia to attract a significant number of users. It's time to stop promising and start delivering.

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