Zoom was already a popular video-conferencing tool before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Still, as it became one of the top choices for video calls at the start of 2020 (much to Google's chagrin), it quickly turned into a household name. If you needed another indicator of how popular Zoom has become, the Android app just passed 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

The Play Store now reports that Zoom has passed 500 million installs throughout its existence on Android. That's an especially impressive milestone in Zoom's case, since the app hasn't been bundled with any phones or tablets. Spotify, SwiftKey Keyboard, Pinterest, and Opera Mini all passed the 500-million milestone recently, but most of those apps have pre-installation deals with various device manufacturers.

The updated numbers also show how rapid Zoom's growth has been. An archived version of Zoom's app listing from November 2019 reported only "10+ million" installations, and by March 20th, the page changed to 50 million downloads. Less than two months later, Zoom had reached 100 million installs.

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